Have you lately thought about your savings/retirement plan, general insurance coverage or employee benefits?

We service in the following areas:

Evaluation and analysis of company/personal needs regarding savings/retirement plans, health and life insurance

Alternatives to comply with your personal or company needs

Various providers to choose from

Support in the implementation of the plan

In corporate plans we support with training of the administrator and the participants

Guidance and assistance through all procedures: Subscriptions, claims and renewals

With offices in Costa Rica, Panama and Liechtenstein,  we are able to provide services in a wide range of regions worldwide.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships understanding your needs, creating tailor-made solutions and working wherever you are!

Policy restrictions and ethics


It is our intent to provide our customers with the highest possible professional level of services. We strive for well accepted and transparent solutions in all our activities. Therefore, for the protection of our customers as well as of Xpensions/CVX Trust  representatives we apply strict business and ethical policies in our business relationships.


Xpensions/CVX Trust  is applying strict legal and ethical compliance rules to it's client relationships. Based under these Company Policies Xpensions/CVX Trust  will not start a client relationship with:

Government employees, representatives of governmental institutions or affiliated persons to such governmental persons

Clients or representatives of producers, traders of arms or weapons or other war equipment/material or persons in any other way related to this industry

Clients or beneficial owners with legal domicile or place of residence in territories currently in a war or warlike condition

For the protection of our customers and the representatives of Xpensions/CVX Trust  , some further restrictions with regard to the management of legal entities will apply.


We do apply strict business and ethical policies in our business relationships.