About us


In 1998 the company was founded to accompany and advise a Swiss corporate group with a presence throughout Latin America in the areas of pensions and insurance. Over time and based on the experiences acquired through a multicultural, professional and long-standing team in the banking and financial sector, the company has expanded business to other organizations and clients that require tailor-made international solutions.


To advise our clients with excellence to reach their financial goals and protect their wealth in the most efficient, ethic and personalized way.


Through our long-term commitment to our clients offer a reliable service that is characterized by being efficient, fast, global and highly confidential. Always providing top level expertise.

We work with:

Foundations with regional and worldwide activities.

Companies with international presence.

Local and third country nationals and expatriates living in Latin America

Meet the team

Claus Elsner

Bankfachwirt, Banking/Finance degree, Banking Academy, Hamburg, Business Administration, Aden Costa Rica. 30 years Bank and finance experience in different countries.

Language: Spanish, German, English, Portuguese

Carl Heinrich Elsner

BS in Business Administration
Personal Finance advisor specialized in
international and German insurance, investment
and banking, certified by IHK.

Language: Spanish, German, English, Portuguese

Christian Elsner

BS in international business management from Hochschule Furtwangen, over 6 years experience in controlling and financial planning. Worked priorly as manager in corporate planning at Moody’s (Mar 2022).
Language:Spanish, German, English, Portuguese

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