Xpensions is our brand name for  pension funds, life insurance and individual savings plans. CVX is the brand name for our financial advisory service.

Xpensions manages Corporate Retirement Benefit Programs in different countries as well as assist in retirement and insurance solutions for corporations and individuals. Several years of experience with multinational groups and expats allow us to find the best solutions for you and your company.

CVX  offers advisory in investments and legal structures for companies and individuals.
Our partners in  Liechtenstein, Panama and Hong Kong provide us with market know how and a worldwide network of providers.


Our team and our network is focused on regional institutions and third country individuals with an European background who are  seeking for advisory in Wealth Management in Latin America.

We have a long tradition in working with companies and foundations in Latin America and Europe, which enables us to provide a fast, efficient and trustworthy service to companies and individuals.


International Health / Travel Insurance Companies.

International Life Insurance companies with headquarters in Europe and USA

International Pension Plan providers from Switzerland and Island of Man

Bank relations in Liechtenstein and Europe

International Investment Products.

We work with

Foundations with regional and worldwide activities.

Companies with international presence.

Local and third country nationals and expatriates living in Latin America

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We can help you to structure benefit options for you employees with international protection, advise you about legal structures suitable for your business.
Manage your international insurance plan for your company.

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Picture of Silvia Glenewinkel
Relationship Manager

Silvia Glenewinkel

Major in Marketing and Specializations in Management Skills, strategic and sales. Certified NASD General Securities Representative. Over 15 years of professional experience in asset management and advisory. Fluent in Spanish, English and German

Picture of Claus Elsner
Chief Advisory / Administration officer

Claus Elsner

Bankfachwirt, Banking/Finance degree, Banking Academy, Hamburg, Business Administration, Aden Costa Rica. 30 years Bank and finance experience in different countries. Language: Spanish, German, English, Portuguese